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The foreign trade companies reduced a lot of cost items, particularly personnel and communication, by means of taking the outsourcing services on the logistics area under today’s conditions in which the technology increasingly advances and the service approach changes and then they obtained more competitive power in their own sectors by means of getting intensified on the main activity areas. Our company aims at reaching up to the customers of our customers with the door-to-door approach, works with the customer focus in order to maximize the customer satisfaction level and service quality on the areas of importation, exportation, international transportation (road, sea, railroad or combined), customs clearance, insurance, domestic-internal transportation and serves with the responsible, qualified and specialized personnel to attain such targets.

Our company has been developing day after day since it was established and it brought a different perspective to the transportation sector.

Our company has achieved many successful projects worldwide with Deugro (Deutschland) Projekt GmbH which has a worldwide leading carrier in transportation sector since 1924.

      • Customs Brokering
      • Seafreight
      • Landfreight transportation
      • Railway transportation
      • Insurance
      • Heavy transportation
      • Project transportation

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